Number 2 pencil-themed sunglasses from Warby Parker

One of my favorite brands to emerge out of the last several years is the eyeglasses maker Warby Parker. With a series of vintage-style plastic frames, they sell them for a great price ($95, lenses and frames included!), and they donate a pair to charity. I currently wear the Japhy frame, and I love it. (I almost applied for a job there last year, and went so far as to write a fake blog post about pince-nez glasses, part of the application process. It was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.)

Warby Parker donates a portion of this purchase to Pencils of PromiseToday in my email, I got an announcement from Warby Parker that they’re releasing a couple limited-edition sunglass frames, the purchase of which gives some amount of money to Pencils of Promise, a fun, pencil-themed charity providing educational resources to at-risk students.

What’s cool about these sunglasses is that not only are the big, midcentury-stylish frames Warby Parker does well, but they are themed like a typical Number 2 yellow wooden pencil, too!

The Aldous and the Everett, two pencil-themed frames
The Aldous and the Everett, two pencil-themed frames from Warby Parker. Click to visit the product page.

So there you have it! Pencil themed sunglasses! I checked it out to see if I could order a pair, but I saw that it was “non-prescription only”.

I tweeted the company, which is pretty responsive on Twitter:

They responded with a video! How cool is this?

Thanks for the video, Carlo! Trouble is, I might drive into a tree or miss my exit without my prescription. And I discovered not too long ago that I am incapable of touching my finger to my eye, and therefore cannot wear contacts.

In the meantime, other pencil lovers — show your charitable side and buy some pencil frames!

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