Did you know today is International Pencil Day?

It is, at least, according to David Rees of Artisenal Pencil Sharpening fame (and author of the upcoming book called “How to Sharpen Pencils“). In honor of this special day, he is answering any pencil-related questions on Twitter. Just tweet @letsgetshort, use the hashtag #askpencil, and learn away! Also: Sheesh, my review of the aforementioned book is

A clever ad campaign for Dixon Ticonderoga

I got an email the other day from Justin Oberman, a creative ad guy who conceived of an ad campaign for Dixon Ticonderoga, maker of the ubiquitous yellow-pencils-with-green-ferrules (via a class on advertising). His angle is that there isn’t much Dixon doesn’t know about making pencils, and features informative posters with the tagline, “We make the World’s Best Pencil.