Welfle with Pencil

It’s all been said before, but there is a certain pleasure to using a simple, wooden pencil. We live in a world with email access 24/7, blog subscriptions, online calendars, e-books, word processors, laser printers, and other forms of written content with no physical contact with the letters that form as a product of our brain.

Pencils are different. You grip a strong, wooden barrel. Part of the instrument you hold rubs off on the paper. Because of the temporal nature of the pencil, you feel more connected to the letters or image you are laying down on the page, and it seems to be as much a labor of the hand as it is a labor of the mind.

Read along, interact, and be merry as we review products, keep up-to-date on industry news, and just have a good time on this corner of the interweb.

About Andy

Andy lives and works in northeast Indiana, having graduated from Indiana University in  2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism. Formerly the chief contributor to the PencilThings.com blog (now, sadly, defunct), Andy is no stranger to the blogosphere. He prefers triangular pencils, but doesn’t often use one because he hasn’t yet encountered a sharpener that can carve a perfect point on the tip. This may be attributed to the awkward hold he has on the sharpener, as he is left-handed, but he’s still looking.

To contact Andy, or to suggest a product for review, please email him at andy@woodclinched.com, or use this form below: