Write for Palimpsest!

The Powers That Be over at Palimpsest are accepting submissions for their Pick-a-Pen and Post-a-Stub page! If you have a story to share about your favorite writing instrument, and don’t have a blog, or simply want to diversify your byline, check it out. Tell ’em Andy sent you. I think I’ll be submitting something too, as soon as I figure out what to talk about. I do have some good pen stories… Continue reading

Don’t just use your pencil, LISTEN to it.

Sean at Blackwing Pages just posted about report that some of the softer lead varieties of the Eberhard-Faber Microtomic (what a great name!) looked and felt like the über-smooth writing experience of a Blackwing. Go to that post to see the review, but one thing he said really stood out to me:

… [B]eing as objective as possible the first thing I noticed was how things sounded. Yes, you read correctly, how things sounded. Continue reading