Checking in

Whew! It’s been a busy week here at the Woodclinchery, what with my day job, some medical emergencies in the family, and whatnot. I missed the Open Thread Tuesday, for which I apologize. I’ll be back soon, with my Chung Hwa 6151 review! I’m putting it through all the trials and tribulations I can think of. So far, it’s really nice.

Meanwhile, check out this little 4chan cartoon. This was totally me in 4th grade.

Write for Palimpsest!

The Powers That Be over at Palimpsest are accepting submissions for their Pick-a-Pen and Post-a-Stub page! If you have a story to share about your favorite writing instrument, and don’t have a blog, or simply want to diversify your byline, check it out. Tell ’em Andy sent you. I think I’ll be submitting something too, as soon as I figure out what to talk about. I do have some good pen stories… Continue reading