Happy Fountain Pen Day, everyone!


I may be a pencil blogger, but I do love a good fountain pen. This is one of my favorites, a blue Esterbrook.

I meant to write a big, researched history of the Esterbrook Dollar Pen, because they’re fascinating to me, but then stuff happened. So, read Brad’s excellent review on Pen Addict instead!

A big, big congratulations to Cary from FountainPenDay.org for all of his hard work and cool swag. Be sure to hit that link for a list of participating blogs and shops.

I’m very excited — I won a limited edition green Lamy Safari fountain pen in a giveaway over at the Tiger Pens blog! I had a Lamy a long time ago, and ran it through the washing machine and broke it. And best yet, this one is green, my favorite pen color! Although it isn’t a pencil, I am looking forward to giving it a try and reviewing it on this here blog.

While you’re reading about scribomechanica and pencilnalia, check out Contrapuntalism — it’s a new blog by the author of Blackwing Pages about music theory, philosophy, and wooden pencils.