Episode 10 of Erasable: “The Graphites of Wrath”

Erasable: A podcast about wooden pencils

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I’m not particularly good at podcasting. I like to talk, and I like to prep for these shows, and I even like the techy stuff, like recording, editing, compiling show-notes, converting them to HTML, et cetera. But I’m not good at it.

In spite of that, Episode 10 of Erasable turned out really, really well. Even though about halfway through, I realized I wasn’t recording. My fantastic co-hosts Johnny and Tim were game for a second round, as was our equally fantastic guest, Ana. And despite some further echoing problems, and Johnny’s drinking problem (no, no, he doesn’t need an intervention; I’m talking about the ice clinking in his glass), we had great fun, which I think is really what marks a good episode.

I learned a lot about indelible pencils. I had no idea that the Sanford Noblot pencil was so rare! It fetches up to $40 on eBay, similar to an original Blackwing (and at this point, even a little more).

We also announced that the next episode will be a pen crossover episode! Since Brad and Myke from the Pen Addict podcast are going on hiatus as Myke transitions away from 5by5, we figured their listeners might miss Brad’s lovely voice, so he’s coming on Erasable to talk ink! (In the meantime, you should listen to their last show on the 5by5 network.)

I was on the Pen Addict podcast!

Exciting news, you guys — I was honored to be a guest on The Pen Addict podcast this week! Brad and Myke are great guys — I’ve been talking to Brad for a few years now, and I’m a big fan of Myke’s other podcasts from the mighty 5by5 network, like CMD+Space and Bionic, so listening to this one regularly is a no brainer.

I was a guest on The Pen Addict podcast this week! Click the graphic to check it out.

I was a guest on The Pen Addict podcast this week! Click the graphic to check it out.

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Pen Addict blogger Brad Dowdy is making a pen case!

My internet-friend and inky colleague Brad Dowdy of The Pen Addict blog and podcast just announced something really, really exciting — In September, he’s launching a Kickstarter for a pen case!

Nock Co. prototype. Image from <a href="http://nockco.com/blog/">the Nock Co. blog</a>.

Nock Co. prototype. Image from the Nock Co. blog. Click the image to visit Nock Co.’s website.

Teaming up with Jeffrey Bruckwi, a tailor who specialized in sewing bags, they’re creating Nock Co., a company specializing in little pen/notebook holders that fold up into a bag! This is great for those who — like me — travel with several different writing instruments to use in case the situation or my mood changes.

One request, Brad: any chance there might be one for wooden pencils in the future? The sleeves would have to be slightly taller and skinnier, and the bottom might need to be a bit stiffer to prevent bending and breaking of the pencil tip.

In any case, this is very exciting, and I can’t wait to pledge once the Kickstarter launches! Everyone congratulate Brad and Jeffrey over at The Pen Addict!