Roll-your-own pencils

I love gadget blogs. This time I found ANOTHER concept product, and while it looks like it isn’t as far along as the one I posted last week, it’s cooler and more useful. Behold, the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor:

According to their post on Yanko Design, this would convert old waste paper into pencils — just add graphite, glue and power:

P&P Office Waste Paper Processor is one of those things that you wish you knew how it works, but dang! no reasonable explanation provided at all! Maybe it’s a deliberate attempt on the designer teams’ part, because their idea is a surefire hit! What this lovely machine does is that it converts all those useless memos on your table to something useful: A Pencil! Paper goes in from one end and come out shaped like a sexy writing tool! Sexy enough an idea to bag a Liteon Award as well!

I would be concerned about the type of paper going into the machine — we know that newspaper can convert to a pencil fairly well, but office paper? Obviously, it’s still a concept, but I would love to see more detail on how they would turn a stiff, crinkly piece of standard #24 paper into a pencil barrel, without making it seem like you were writing, well, with a rolled-up piece of paper.

More pictures from Yanko Design below.