Open Thread Tuesdays: Best way to photograph pencils

On other blogs that I’ve been part of, we’ve occasionally set aside a post every once in a while for discussion. I would love to get a dialog going between all of the online pencil bloggers, users, and collectors, because I think we can all benefit from sharing advice, tips, specific interests, etc.

So here goes: I’ll post a topic to get us started, and feel free to keep us on my topic, or start your own. No real guidelines, just keep it clean (as I know you will).

Image shamelessly copied from Blackwing Pages. Seriously, check him out.

TOPIC: I am not the best photographer in the world. But I want to get some really good pictures of some of my pencils, like Blackwing Pages, or get amazingly detailed pics like the monthly wallpaper from Pencil Revolution. Am I better off putting them on a flatbed scanner, or using a camera? If so, what sort of light is best? Any tips on creating a good depth-of-field?