Rooting for the Underdog

One of my favorite things to do at my job is to shop for office supplies. As the marketing and operations director of a small office, I would rather not get office supplies delivered regularly — for me, it’s therapeutic to go out, take my time at Office Depot or Staples, and find the right things to buy. And, of course, my visits always take me through the pencil aisle.

Unfortunately, that aisle seems to get smaller and smaller each year. At least, the ratio of mechanical pencils to woodcased pencils become more extensive — in the mechanical’s favor.

Maybe that’s why I felt an urgency to get a pencil blog up and going again. Although collectors and aficionados of wooden pencils are a tight-knit and loyal group, the average user of pencils prefers mechanical. Why? Well, it’s easier. You never need to sharpen it, and the lead retracts, never leaving graphite on your shirt pocket. Continue reading