Great pencil discussion going on at Lifehacker

Walter Glenn, a contributor at Lifehacker, posted a new discussion thread over there yesterday (I can’t believe I missed it until now!), called “Show Us Your Favorite Pencil“:

There are a few innocuous little things in the world on which people harbor disproportionately strong opinions. Maybe it’s your choice of operating system, the best paper notebook, or your favorite pen. Then again, maybe it’s your pencil—the feel of the barrel, the way it holds a point, or even the way the eraser doesn’t choke you when you get too carried away thinking about those beautiful words you’re going to write next. Whatever it is, snap a pic of your favorite pencil and share it with us below.

There were lots of mechanicals mentioned, of course, but wooden pencils had it’s day. And it wasn’t just all Blackwings and Ticonderogas, either — the Chinese Chung Hwa was mentioned:

Chung Hwa pencil

(I know I reviewed the Chung Hwa before, but it may have been lost on the Pencil Things blog before I started Woodclinched. I’ll try to find it and post it here.)

A day late and a dollar short (quite literally on both counts), I threw in my vote:

I love the Palomino Blackwings, too, but the best performance for the money is the Palomino Golden Bear, by the same manufacturer, California Cedar. They perform pretty solidly, slightly better than a Dixon Ticonderoga, I’d say, and they’re less than $3 per dozen. And they’re gorgeous — look at this blue with an orange eraser! They have an orange one, too. And they’re made in the USA

Here’s my post recently about the Golden Bears, now made in the US.

Go on over to Lifehacker and weigh in!

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