Open Thread Tuesdays: Hex or Round? The Throwdown

On other blogs that I’ve been part of, we’ve occasionally set aside a post every once in a while for discussion. I would love to get a dialog going between all of the online pencil bloggers, users, and collectors, because I think we can all benefit from sharing advice, tips, specific interests, etc.

So here goes: I’ll post a topic to get us started, and feel free to keep us on my topic, or start your own. No real guidelines, just keep it clean (as I know you will).

TOPIC: What shape of a pencil do you prefer? Round pencils or hexagonal? Why? Is it for comfort? Grip? Looks?

7 thoughts on “Open Thread Tuesdays: Hex or Round? The Throwdown

  1. All of the above! : ) Round feels “fancier” sometimes because it’s not that common in the US. But I like the sound of a hex pencil trying to roll off my my desk by being slowed down.

    I ordered some Semi-Hex-es with my Blackwings last week, for a future review and because I love General’s stuff. I wonder how “round” they’ll be?

  2. John,

    Me too! That’s funny, because I usually consider rounds to be “cheap” because of all the cheapo souvenir pencils that come round. Although my favorite pencils tend to be triangular, I’m a hex fan, usually.

    I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the semi-hex pencils — I’ve never used a General’s pencil.

  3. If you live near an Utrecht, they usually have open stock of the Cedar Pointe, though at inflated prices. General’s stuff is really just great!

  4. Hexagonal for writing – twisting the pencil one face at a time keeps the point sharp.
    For drawing when I want a chisel edge it doesn’t matter what shape.

  5. this is not included in the options but i have had a few octagonal pencils that i used in my college days for drafting -they drew and wrote like a charm,maybe as good as…i dont know, a Blackwing 602? and they were really soft, which was not usually a good thing for a drafting pencil but the octagonal shape ment i could rotate it more often so it worked like a 5H even thought te actual range was liek 6b-8b

  6. Actually, pencils are hexagonal so they don’t roll of a slanted surface. Hexagonal also seem to have stronger lead. I prefer hexagonal pencils.

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