Open Thread Tuesday: How do you store or display your pencils?

On other blogs that I’ve been part of, we’ve occasionally set aside a post every once in a while for discussion. I would love to get a dialog going between all of the online pencil bloggers, users, and collectors, because I think we can all benefit from sharing advice, tips, specific interests, etc.

So here goes: I’ll post a topic to get us started, and feel free to keep us on my topic, or start your own. No real guidelines, just keep it clean (as I know you will).

TOPIC: Do you have a lot of pencils? If so, how do you display them? Right now, I am storing all of mine in labeled cigar boxes on my shelf. I’m looking for a portable, attractive, space efficient way to display my pencils. Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Open Thread Tuesday: How do you store or display your pencils?

  1. Mine are just distributed over several drawers.
    Cigar boxes sound like a good idea (if you have a cigar smoker in the family).
    Where and why do you display your pencils?Is it for some sort of exhibition, or just to brighten up the room a bit with a nice pencil?

  2. Memm,

    Some of my pencils, the ones I store and use, I am fine with keeping in a cigar box for storage. But I am also a little bit of a collector as well as a user, and have several dozen souvenir pencils, advertising pencils, and all sorts of a variety of old and foreign branded pencils. Some of those are really pretty, and I would love to have it on display somewhere, rather than just sitting in a pile in a cigar box. I guess this question would be directed more toward collectors rather than users.

    And by the way, if you live anywhere near a tobacco shop where they have a large selection of cigars for sale, they might have discarded cigar boxes for sale! One tobacco shop near me sells those boxes for 25¢! They’re so cheap, and so handy! I eventually have plans to attach little pulls onto the front of them to look something like this.

  3. I store many of my pencils vertically in ceramic crocks. I also have several that I have placed horizontally on an old oval shaped pewter plate. All of these are pencils that I have collected. Those that I use are scattered around. Whenever I buy new pencils, I add some to my “collection”.

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