Going Pro

I consider myelf someone with a wide variety of interests and passions. Some of my passions, in no particular order, include literature, the arts, technology, Apple computers, and, of course, pencils. And it is really exciting when, as a friend told me recently, you can go from “passion to paycheck.”

It is with that in mind that I make an exciting announcement: As of January 2011, I will be working for our friends at CalCedar as the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator for Pencils.com! This is a really exciting opportunity, and I’m honored that I was even considered for the position, let alone accepted for it.

Largely, I’ll be writing about and promoting the California Republic brand, including the Palomino and the Palomino Blackwing, and eventually helping CalCedar grow Pencils.com, establish possible relationships in the art and writing communities, and further the good with that they’ve started: spreading a love and information about wooden pencils.

What is the role of this blog? Well, I’m not quite sure yet. During my interview, it was a point of discussion. Just as Charles Berolzheimer has his personal blog, Timberlines, I intend to keep Woodclinched around, most likely to discuss other, non-Pencils.com stuff.

Thank you for all your support for this relatively new pencil blog. I am elated to be in this very interesting, very welcoming online community, and I hope to continue and develop my relationships with you!

Meanwhile, you’ll start to see me around Pencils.com as well in the upcoming few weeks.

13 thoughts on “Going Pro

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  2. Congratulations that sounds great, work with something that passionates you. I’m envy, and I think that pencils.com was in need of somebody like you. This will be netter for us pencil lovers.

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