3 thoughts on “Photo Sep 11, 12 23 08 PM

    • Hi, Mary!

      Regarding comments in moderation: like many blogs, mine is set so the first time someone comments, it’s not published until I manually approve. That cuts down on a lot of spam. Now that you have a previously approved comment, you’ll be able to comment freely!

      Regarding the bullet pencils: I’m afraid mine are not for sale. Sadly, they’re not worth very much, since there are still a lot of them out there. You can often find them for sale in lots on eBay or bags of them at estate sales and whatnot. If you want to find out a good price for yours, I’d recommend checking out auctions for similar collections on eBay, “watching” it (basically getting updates sent to you about bidding and selling price, without actually bidding yourself), and seeing how much it sells for you. That’s the quickest and easiest way to get a sense of how much yours are worth.

      How many do you have? Any really stand out pencils in your collection? Are you thinking of selling any?

      Feel free to either reply to this comment, or emailing me at andy (at) woodclinched (dot) com!

      And thanks for the comment!

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