Starter Pencil Setups, a #PencilWeek guest post

Yesterday, I wrote a guest post for the Pen, Paper, Ink, Letter (PPIL) blog. Heath, the editor, is a tireless blogger and content creator about all things scribomechanica, and decided he wanted to do a whole week on just pencils!

I can definitely get on board with that. He asked me to contribute, and naturally I jumped at the chance.

This post is about getting started with wooden pencils, for those who may not know much about them:

[U]nlike, say, a coffee starter kit, a pencil primer shouldn’t be based on accessibility but rather, price, assortment and application. A writer who wants to invest a lot of money up front in pencils has totally different needs than, for example, a sketch artist on a budget. If you fit into one of these use cases, or somewhere in between, hopefully you can get some use out of this post.

Here are some tips for those looking to get more serious about pencils (to be more specific: wooden pencils) without investing a lot of time and energy up front.

Hit the link in the headline to read more, or click here:

Starter Pencil Setups #PencilWeek #Erasable | Pen ★ Paper ★ Ink ★ Letter

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