Introducing Dot Grid Podcast

I’m really excited to introduce a new project I’m working on — Dot Grid!

Like Erasable, it’s a bi-weekly talking-heads formatted podcast. Unlike Erasable, we’re going to be exploring digital tools for creation and productivity as well as analog tools. We might discuss Markdown editors and mobile apps right next to pencils and paper.

I first met Will Fanguy  my co-host and founder of the brand-new Nerd Uprising Network  in the Erasable Facebook group  We quickly realized we both listened to tech podcasts and kept up on digital products as well as pencils, fountain pens, typewriters, and other analog tools.

We’re guessing — hoping, at the very least — that there are others out there like us, too. Dot Grid is founded on that hope.

Our first episode features, appropriately, a whole list of firsts for us: First blogging platform, first favorite writing instrument, first productivity tool, et cetera.

For those of you who might be wondering — Erasable is not going away any time soon. JohnnyTim and I are going full-steam ahead. Turns out, you can fill a regularly published podcast with pencil-related content.

Listen to the first episode online, or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 10 of Erasable: “The Graphites of Wrath”

Erasable: A podcast about wooden pencils

Click the image to visit Erasable’s episode 10 page. Or, subscribe on iTunes!

I’m not particularly good at podcasting. I like to talk, and I like to prep for these shows, and I even like the techy stuff, like recording, editing, compiling show-notes, converting them to HTML, et cetera. But I’m not good at it.

In spite of that, Episode 10 of Erasable turned out really, really well. Even though about halfway through, I realized I wasn’t recording. My fantastic co-hosts Johnny and Tim were game for a second round, as was our equally fantastic guest, Ana. And despite some further echoing problems, and Johnny’s drinking problem (no, no, he doesn’t need an intervention; I’m talking about the ice clinking in his glass), we had great fun, which I think is really what marks a good episode.

I learned a lot about indelible pencils. I had no idea that the Sanford Noblot pencil was so rare! It fetches up to $40 on eBay, similar to an original Blackwing (and at this point, even a little more).

We also announced that the next episode will be a pen crossover episode! Since Brad and Myke from the Pen Addict podcast are going on hiatus as Myke transitions away from 5by5, we figured their listeners might miss Brad’s lovely voice, so he’s coming on Erasable to talk ink! (In the meantime, you should listen to their last show on the 5by5 network.)

Erasable, Episode 2: A Ferrule to Arms

Last night, we just posted Episode 2 of Erasable, and it was a lot of fun. It was our glossary episode where we talked about the history of the modern wood pencil, and defines several terms that we use. Tim talked about the ferrule and eraser, I talked about the wooden barrel, and Johnny talked about the graphite core.

We learned a lot about Nicolas-Jacque Conté, a French inventor who pioneered the modern graphite core. With a satin eyepatch and AN ENORMOUS HEAD, he looks like a pretty badass pencil pirate:

Nicolas-Jacques-Conté, the inventor of the modern graphite mixture in varying hardnesses. Also, a pencil pirate.

Nicolas-Jacques-Conté, the inventor of the modern graphite mixture in varying hardnesses. Also, a pencil pirate.

We’re also having a giveaway! Between now and next Sunday, March 30, if you leave a comment on the episode post on, with a literary or movie pencil pun (for example,  “A Ferrule to Arms”), you’ll be entered to win one of 6 prizes: each of us co-hosts will be putting together two packs of some of our favorite pencils.

Because we want to use as many puns for episode titles as we can, we then get to use your pun for a future episode title. (With a credit to you, of course!)

Go check out the episode now, either on or iTunes!