Ben Cohen’s Halloween Candy Hierarchy

I saw on BoingBoing the other day, and then later on Pencil Revolution‘s blog, this handy chart outlining the Halloween Candy Hierarchy.

You’ll note that pencils fall on not only the lowest tier, but the “Tier so low it does not register on our equipment.”

Pencil Revolution noted,

I love candy as much as the next Comrade (and have the love handles to prove it), but this comment makes me almost sad.  I’d love to get pencils for Halloween.  Anyone giving the youngins pencils this year?

I bet these cheap things are a dime-a-dozen, if that, and will fall apart in the pencil sharpener.

I can see the commenter’s point, but I have a feeling he chose the wrong pencil. I really dislike those pencils that have holiday-themed designs shrink wrapped onto the barrel. It’s cheap, lazy, shoddy construction. When you try to sharpen it, the plastic starts to unravel, and often jams your sharpener.

Maybe we should hand out Blackwings? That’s kind of a scary, Halloween name: Blackwing. Or maybe we could get CalCedar to rebrand a Blackwing as “Batwing” for Halloween. (-:

In any case (wooden or otherwise), happy Halloween!

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