Calendar pencils

I’m not a one-pencil kinda guy. I have at least a half-dozen kinds sitting on my desk top right now, and several more dozen in the drawer. I know that pencils last a long time, but I just can’t commit to that.

That being said, this is really cool:

Mytton Williams Design came up with this concept a while ago. You get 12 pencils, and you count off the days by sharpening down to the next number on the list. So it looks like once you reach the 27th of the month, you hand starts to cramp from clutching an inch of wood.

It looks like this was more than just a concept, in fact. Back in 2008, they produced a bunch of 2009 calendar pencils.

I can’t figure out who manufactured these pencils back in 2008 when they were selling 2009 calendars, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this make a comeback. I think it’s lots of fun.

I’ll be out of commission for a few days as I attend various Thanksgiving dinners for various parts of the family, but  from all of us here at the Woodclinched family (namely, me):

4 thoughts on “Calendar pencils

  1. Some more photos and information (in German) is at Lexikaliker.

    Note that the pencils aren’t made of wood!

    While I haven’t seen these particular specimens, all the similar “full graphics” novelty non-wood pencils I am aware of are made in Taiwan, and sold by UK vendors.

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