Poppin sample unboxing

I love unboxing videos. Usually the best ones are of Apple products or RC helicopters or something, but one that you don’t see often is of office supplies. That’s because the packaging is usually uninteresting.

Until Poppin.

Here’s the video. I’m sorry it’s seven minutes long. You don’t have to watch it all if you don’t want to.

While I don’t think Poppin will necessarily be the next Pentel or anything, I think they will be extremely popular among creative agencies, arts nonprofits, and anywhere that is willing to pay a bit more for some color and fun.

Of course, I have no idea if they will actually cost more than regular office supplies. If not; great!

I’ll be posting a full review of the wooden pencils soon, but in the meantime, here are some thoughts about the pens and mechanical pencils:

  • The capped ballpoint pens are very pretty, they write average, but the cap fits loosely on the barrel, making it rattle and feel kind of cheap.
  • The premium mechanical pencils are really nice. I like that they use a 0.7 millimeter lead instead of a 0.5 — it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break as easily as, say, a Bic mechanical pencil.
  • It looks like they have a great selection of colors. I wish they came in packs of assorted colors, rather than each color in one.
  • I wish the pack included some Poppin-brand paper, so I could see how the pencils and pens looked against them.
  • I loved the personal, colored note from Meredith included in the box. As a office supply marketing professional, I think it was really classy of her.
All-in-all, I think this is going to be fun. If ever I get to be in charge of buying office supplies for my place of business, we’re definitely going to have some Poppin stuff around. I don’t know the scope of the business yet (maybe I should have a phone conversation with Meredith from Poppin some time), but it looks like they are going big, considering the budget that went into the beautiful packaging and marketing collateral alone.

2 thoughts on “Poppin sample unboxing

  1. I got a notebook from them this weekend, brown moleskine-esque, including all the expected features (elastic strap, ribbon bookmark and accordion pocket). I was blown away by the presentation, and the notebook is great. I’ve been looking for an excuse to kick the Moleskine corp to the curb, pretty sure Poppin is it!

  2. I received the Poppin notebook this week. The receptionist was laughing when she brought the box back, and quickly pointed out the sayings on the side of the orange box. Personal ads for a stapler (filled with love and staples), tape, and other office products were perfect.
    The personalized bubble wrap (orange, too) was a nice touch. However, I didn’t have a catalog in my box. Will have to get one, as I think I’d like to see more. I liked the box so much, I saved it, and my co-workers all got a kick out of the packaging, too.
    My notebook inside was nice and fuzzy (which makes me happy!) and I absolutely love the pre-printed tabs at the top of each page.

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