Parmesan cheese chunk made in the shape of a pencil

I ran across this link today of a really cool way to shave Parmesan onto your salad, soup or pasta — via pencil sharpener.

Click the image to embiggen.

A description the product from Jazarah:

The cheeses are shaped like oversized pencils, where the “leads” contain three different flavors: truffles, pesto and chilli. With the sharpener included, the required amount of cheese can be sprinkled on the dish. A scale on the pencils and on the back of the packaging doesn’t just simply list how much of the Cheese Pencil is needed for each dish, but even how many calories the portion contains.

I’m not saying this is the most efficient way to deliver delicious, delicious Parmesan to one’s plate (or in my case, straight to my mouth), but is fun and unique, especially for a pencil nut like me. A German advertising company, Kolle Rebbe, brought this into being.

What other kind of foodstuffs could we shave off of a pencil-like cylinder?

(Found via OhGizmo!)

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