Feed your oral fixation with these licorice pencils

Ahem. (Assume obnoxious infomercial announcer voice.)


You loan your pencil, perhaps a precious Blackwing or even your favorite Ticonderoga to a friend, because you are, as always, over-prepared with writing instruments, and they are, as always, under-prepared with nary a piece of loose-leaf paper on which to take notes (Why are you friends with them again)?

Your friend is, as always, grateful for your benevolence. Your meeting is done, and they return it, riddled with tooth marks. Like you gave it to them, not to take notes with, but to give them a fiber supplement.

It seems they absent-mindedly started chewing on it. With completely no regard for what they know is a borderline-unhealthy obsession with pencils.

It’s like you gave them your new puppy, and they chewed a couple paws off, and handed it back.

Maybe next time, you should get them one of these:

Cecilia Felli, an Italian designer, created this concept pencil out of licorice sticks, made from a sweet, chewy wood. When you chew on the end, you’ll get the sweet and spicy taste of licorice. And —never fear — the graphite core stops about halfway up so you have plenty of time to chew before you hit the crunchy, mineral-y center.

Of course, this design doesn’t take into account that after only your first chewing/writing session, your pencil will be left with a soggy, limp, kinda smelly pencil. I wouldn’t recommend taking that to a meeting or to school.

Also, if you’re like me you can’t sharpen a pencil with a knife without fairly deep lacerations. Can you pair this with some kind of specialized pencil sharpener?

Thanks to Geekosystem for the linkage. And here’s the original link.

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