engages in a Klout perk *UPDATED*

Two of my favorite things, as many of you know, are pencils and social media. Much of the time, these two interests don’t often converge. Sometimes, however, I get lucky and realize that it’s not just me spreading the love of pencils to my network.

The social innovators at recently ran a Klout Perk. In order to promote the Palomino Blackwing and their new Blackwing-themed microsite, Blackwing Experience, they gave away a limited number of Blackwing sampler packs (three PBs and three PB 602s) mix of introductory items to Klout members who meet the following criteria:

  • Those with a Klout score 50 or more
  • Those who are influential in these topics: actor, business, or gadgets

Unfortunately, that means I don’t qualify! (*sniff, sniff*). It’s all right. I don’t need a Klout Perk to spread the joy. UPDATE: See the comment from WoodChuck below to learn more about the selection process.

A lot of people don't know that I'm actually a time lord.

I’m also not entirely sure where they came up with those topics — I can only conclude that this was recommended to them by Klout (who have mysterious methods in picking influencing topics for users — as of right now. mine are time travel, sweater, and nonprofit).

Unfortunately, it looks like the Perk is closed. Sorry to those who didn’t get in quickly! I wonder to how many they limited the perk.

I know a couple of the people who took advantage of the perk — I’ll try to publish something here when they have a chance to try them out!

4 thoughts on “ engages in a Klout perk *UPDATED*

  1. Andy – Thanks for the coverage. Perhaps I can clarify a few things for you and your followers.

    First, the Klout perk going to the 602 influencers is not the same as the Limited Edition 6 pencil combo pack you are talking about. The combo pack is a limited release item to support first time trial purchasing and holiday type stocking stuffer gifting at $9.95. As you know we normally sell all Blacking pencils in 12 pack minimum quantity @ $19.95 or $21.95 in the gift box used also for this special item. It’s available here to all customers until supplies run out.

    The perk itself is somewhat different mix of items, plus includes the opportunity for additional Blackwing experiences down the road. Our goal is that when the influencers recieve their perk and experience the Blackwings, they will promote the liminted edition item to more first time users. It’s all about building the awareness to first time users.

    As to the Topics list and who qualifies. I cannot speak to why those 3 topics were chosen for display, in total there are 12 topics for influencers we chose, but only 3 can be displayed by Klout on page as I understand it. The 3 displayed were chosen by Klout. I also don’t think they are exactly logical. I am sorry you and several other prior fans and influencers did not qualify. The invitation was sent to a pre-selected group of about 2,000 new influencers to fill out 602 spots. This list was developed by Klout based on our 12 topics. As far as I understood if you were not in the 2,000 original invites then you couldn’t qualify, but that may be slightly off.

    Rest assured the fact that you and other earlier infuencers were not included in the Klout602 does not mean we do not love you and appreciate prior active supporters like you as a group. I promise it will also not exlude those of you who have been very active evangelists of the Blackwing pencils and from inclusion in future special offers to The 602. In our mind you are already an honorary member of this group.

    • Charles,

      Thank you very much for the thoughtful response! I’ve updated my post with the correct information.

      I don’t want you to think that I’m offended in any way not to be part of that Perk. To be sure, I’m definitely not the one you would be trying to reach with that, as I am already a Palomino rider. (-: I did a search on Twitter for “@pencilscom” and saw all the tweets sent out from people claiming their Klout Perks.

      When the promotion has run its course and you are starting to see new buyers, I’d love to follow up with you to see how it went! It’s a great idea. Congrats to you, Grant, and Alexander about it!

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