The Atlantic loves Pencil Revolution

Comrade John, the proprietor at Pencil Revolution, scored a big victory for Pencilism last week when The Atlantic online wrote about his site in their article, “The World’s Best Website About Pencils“.

Gamber says that part of the joy of pencils is the “physical experience” of them: “sharpening them, wearing them down as they sort-of-scratch across a page, making a minor mess erasing their marks.” And there’s the smell too, with its Madeleine-level nostalgia power. “Cedar pencils smell wonderfully, and such a scent from childhood always seems to affect us strongly. I get eager for recess and a chocolate milk sometimes when I smell my pencilcase,” Gamber writes. [Link]

I’ve been a faithful reader of the Pencil Revolution ever since I discovered it back in 2006, before ever blogging on my own, and sites like John’s set the bar high.

Congratulations, John — this is some well-deserved mainstream recognition!

Check out the article:
The World’s Best Website About Pencils | The Atlantic


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