Unboxing the Field Notes Starbucks Roastery edition

One of the advantages to working for a large company with offices in multiple cities is that one has an easy way to communicate with people in those cities, and an automatic ice breaker with them.

I definitely used that to my advantage recently when Field Notes announced their gorgeous new edition made for the Starbucks Roastery in Seattle.

In fact, I made an unboxing video:

I think what’s most and immediately striking about this edition is the “FIELD NOTES” logotype in a beautiful dark copper, on top of the birch cover.

In fact, it looks great with my Retro 51 Tornado Touch, in that same burnished copper:

I also really love the orange accent inside the cover — it’s the “Safety Orange” Saphira ink Field Notes loves to use. That, next to the light orange dot grid on the paper, makes for a spectacular-looking, unique notebook.

As I mentioned in the video, and as the Field Nuts have been lamenting, the notebook is only available at the Starbucks Roastery in Seattle. So, if you get your hands on one of these, and you’re not in Seattle or planning to visit, find a friend in the group, or keep an eye on eBay. If you do that, though, be prepared to pay multiple times the $15 retail price.

And be sure to read more about it at the Field Notes website.

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