A Blackwing movie?

I was looking through all the blogs I usually read each afternoon, and on the Pencils.com blog, Studio 602, I saw an interview, posted seemingly offhandedly, with the filmmakers working on a movie called, simply, “Blackwing”.

This doesn’t actually play the movie file — it’s a screenshot of the trailer. Click the image to jump to the filmmaker’s trailer page.

I watched the trailer, blinked, and was all, “wait, what?” — did someone actually make a film about the Blackwing?

Well, it seems, yes. And at least according to the Pencils.com Twitter feed, it was fairly surprising to them, too:

According to the interview, It sounds like the filmmakers, Outside In Studio, had everything scripted and ready to go with their movie concept — except for the key writing utensil.

According to the filmmakers’ interview with Pencils.com:

We had already completed a few drafts of the script and were already entering pre-production. When we were searching for props for Milo’s room, we were looking for items that were ultra-artistic and out of the ordinary, that really spoke about the character and how deep his obsession was.  It wasn’t until we stumbled upon pencils.com and saw the Blackwing on the homepage that we realized the importance between the artist and their tool.  The Blackwing was everything we didn’t know we were missing.  We were first attracted to its appearance – it was simple but had this demure quality, it was the perfect balance between power and subtlety.

From what I gather from the trailer, the plot is sort of a dark version of “Harold’s Purple Crayon” — a misfit child, Milo, finds power in a magic pencil that turns to life what it draws. It seems, as though, he doesn’t fully understand its consequences.

While the film trailer and the interview doesn’t mention which Blackwing it is — an original Eberhard Faber Blackwing or a new Palomino Blackwing — it is clear that the first Palomino Blackwing is used, though in its brief cheesecake shot, only the word “Blackwing” remained. It reflects the beauty of the gold/matte black finish of the actual product, but only the mystical, mythical name: Blackwing.

Although I am more of a fan of the shark-blue-grey found on the barrel of the original Blackwing and the Palomino Blackwing 602, I can understand why they used the matte black. As they pointed out, it is elegant and dark. It looks more like a magic pencil than a pencil you might take with you to jot down notes at, say, a client meeting.

Like many independent films, the filmmakers are going to make their rounds at the film festivals and hope to open in summer 2013, which means it could be another year or so after that before I can see it anywhere close to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I live.

Head on over to Outside In’s site to see the trailer, and over to Studio 602 to read the full interview. It is quite interesting.

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