The Baron Fig notebook: worth the hype?

The Confidant, a notebook by Baron Fig. Photo from

The Confidant, a notebook by Baron Fig. Photo from

When it comes to the Baron Fig notebook, I totally missed the boat. I definitely heard about it the day the Kickstarter launched, but when it came time to pledge, I either didn’t have $20 I could spend on a pledge, or I just had other stuff going on. Excuses, excuses.

Long story short; I’m excited that they’re about to sell their notebook! According to the website, the Kickstarted product is called the “Confidant” and will be on sale for $20 starting Tuesday, March 4.

The video they posted definitely hyped it up big: despite a laser-like attention to little details (the dimensions, the tactile feel, the ability to lay flat) given to the notebook’s design, it thought big. There’s a nifty related video series, in fact, about “ideas” and how you can bring those ideas to life (with the help of a Baron Fig notebook, of course).

Heath, the blogger over at Pen, Paper, Ink, Letter, has a great deep dive review of the Confidant. He very thoughtfully decided it needed to be reviewed in two ways:

 Because this notebook is one from a kickstarter campaign and not yet available to the public via retail I need to review it in two ways. One, does it meet the expectations and promises of the Kickstarter and two, once it is available to the public where does it fit in to the notebook world and how does it measure up.

That’s a great idea, Heath! I won’t spoil the read by reporting his findings here. You should head over to the PPIL blog and read for yourself. He also has some fantastic photos, too.

The point he’s making with the first part is interesting, and really, is applicable to notebook (and, well, writing instrument marketing in general). If I buy this notebook, will I write better things in it? Instead of meager diary entries and crappy fiction, is this product engineered so well, great prose or sketches will just pour out of me?

(The exception, of course, is Field Notes — they make no bones about their notebooks being used for to-do lists, scribbled notes, and other ephemera.)

I’ve purchased a LOT of expensive notebooks in my day, and honestly, a lot of them sit in a drawer, untouched. I take full responsibility for their disuse, although I admit I am taken in by claims like this from Moleskine, a pretty prominent notebook company:

Screenshot from the Moleskine website.

Screenshot from the Moleskine website.

Nevertheless, I want to support the young Baron Fig team that designed and produced the Confidant. I couldn’t pledge during the Kickstarter, so I can at least purchase a notebook. I’ll try to plan a review here after.

And thanks, Heath, for your review!

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